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Master Scorecard
Our Master Scorecard is a simple and inexpensive way to gauge how well you have implemented Oracle eAM and the extent to which you are fully utilizing the capabilities of the system. We have worked with over 40 large industrial companies over the years and we have found that most are not taking full advantage of all of the capabilities of Oracle eAM. Our Master Scorecard provides an objective and quantitative measure of your current use of Oracle eAM as well as a simple roadmap for improving the business value of your investment. We can provide this service remotely and complete the evaluation in a few days. Scorecards can be done at a corporate level, a site level or both. Contact us for more information and/or to arrange a Master Scorecard evaluation.

“Virtual” Support Services
Virtual Support Services provide a cost effective way to get expert advice and assistance on Oracle eAM. Support is provided remotely via web meetings, VPN connections and email correspondence. Support plans can be a fixed monthly rate or a pay-as-you-go arrangement and service providers are expert consultants with substantial field implementation experience. Whether you need a second opinion on your setup parameters, want someone to help you improve your use of a particular part of the application or just need help troubleshooting a problem, our Virtual Support Services can help you and your organization continue to expand and improve your use of the Oracle eAM solution.

Maintenance and Reliability Improvement
Unlike many “systems” companies, EAM Master has deep expertise in Maintenance and Asset Reliability. We have consultants with 15 plus years of experience helping large industrial companies improve their maintenance process and performance. The business benefits of improving maintenance and asset reliability are substantial for asset-intensive industries. Taking advantage of our Asset Management Consultants has the added benefit of our unmatched expertise in the Oracle eAM solution. We can help you develop and execute an Asset Reliability Improvement program, develop and implement Maintenance Performance Metrics or support any of your maintenance improvement initiatives. Contact us to arrange and informal discussion with one of our Asset Management Consultants.

Oracle eAM Certification
The Oracle eAM Certification program is the most advanced and complete learning program available for the Oracle Enterprise Asset Management solution (Oracle eAM 12.1.3). It is a comprehensive 12 week, web-based curriculum that covers the entire Oracle Maintenance Module specifically tailored to prepare for the Oracle eAM Certification Test. This course also covers portions of Inventory, Purchasing and Financials as they pertain to maintenance. Successful completion of this course will enable each graduate to significantly improve their eAM skill set and assume a lead role in expanding and improving their organization's use of the Oracle eAM solution.

  eAM Oracle Services
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