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The EAM Masters Web Learning Process is the most efficient and effective way to truly master Oracle eAM. Expert instructors use engaging learning material and proven techniques to maximize understanding and retention. Oracle eAM is explained and demonstrated within the context of maintenance processes and practices. Students get repeated exposure to topics over spaced intervals of time so they can absorb, practice and apply what they have learned. Web learning methods and technology make learning easy and convenient for busy professionals. The knowledge and skills gained in our programs are comprehensive and sustainable. The EAM Masters Learning Process includes the following components for each topic or lesson:

Web Learning Sessions ...
Web Learning Sessions are live, instructor-led Webcasts with engaging graphics and audio that help students understand the Big Picture of how Oracle eAM is designed and how it supports the business, science and engineering of maintenance and asset reliability. We provide step-by-step guidance for setups and data configurations, we demonstrate detailed application workflows that are field tested and we explain shortcuts and tips to make eAM easier to use.

Practical Exercises ...
Thoughtful questions and hands-on exercises challenge students to think about what they have learned and apply it to their situation and environment. Assignments include high level questions about how students are using features/functions at their site as well as real, hands-on tasks to build data and perform transactions in their own eAM system. Using eAM in new and challenging ways reinforces the material and makes the experience relevant for students.

Web Discussion Sessions ...
Web Discussion Sessions are interactive Web Meetings facilitated by knowledgeable experts. Students are challenged to express their opinions, ask questions and share their experience with Oracle eAM. Discussion sessions help students socialize what they have learned with the instructors and their peers. Discussion leaders are experts in both maintenance and Oracle eAM so that all questions and issues are resolved. Interaction with peers and experts empowers students to make real and valuable improvements for themselves and their companies.

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